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2 weeks ago
A treasue trove of items. They've got anything you could need especially the vast selection of belts and pulleys. Very helpful staff too.
- Ronan C
8 months ago
A pleasure to deal with. I tried all over the city for a specific brand of wrenches, Robin was the man who could get them for me. Very knowledgable people.
10 months ago
This is the first place I go to when I need quality tools. Never disappointed and Rob at the counter is as charming as he is knowledgeable.
- Belinda K

Wide Range and Top Quality

Bell, Scott has been serving Munster's General Engineering Supply Market since 1931. We cover a very wide product range over many engineering divisions. We serve all industrial, marine, construction, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Bell Scott are also Single Source Suppliers (SSS) due to the extensive stocks that we keep on the shelf. If we do not have a product you require we will acquire it for you. We do all this through the experience of over 80 years in the business. TEL: 021-4501724. EMAIL:

In covering such a vast engineering product range we have our divisional specialities which include,

The Bell Scott A-Z Range contains many high quality and long established products and,our commitment to you is to constantly modernise enhance and expand this range and deliver it with the good service you expect. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021-4501724 or click here or above on Contact Us or Open an Account

Please search our A-Z below which indicates some of our vast range of tool room and workshop supplies.

A: Abrasives -Sheets and Rolls Emery Cloth, Water Paper, Steel/Stone Cutting and Grinding Discs Rhodius.Mounted points,Tungsten Carbide Burrs, Flap Wheels,Wire Brushes-Power/Hand etc Adhesives - Loctite/Bostik, Cartridges-Powermastic, Sikaflex, Silicone Sealants, Cartridge Guns, Gasket Cement Jointing Sealant, Loctite Superglue, Nutlock, Studlock Araldite/Hylomar. Adhesive Tapes-Masking , Double Sided, Duct,Plate Closure/Thermosetting,Reflective, hazard Barrier, Floor Marking etc Plastic Steel Repair Epoxy Putty/Paste, Belzona Devcon, Steel Power Wrap Tape

erosol/Lubricant Sprays - Rocol, Bardhal, CRC, WD40 Rocket, Holts De-icer, Cold Start, Spray Grease, Plus Gas, AntiSeize/Scuffing, Flaw Detection Kits & Many Specialist Types. Assorted Fastener Boxes: Self Tappers, Split Pins, Hollow Pins, Circlips, 0' Rings, Fibre Washers, Brass and Copper Washers, Springs etc. Air Line Equipment: PCL/Schrader Couplings, Adaptors, Check Units, Blow Guns. Anti-Freeze, Axes and Handles, Anti-Seize Spray, Allen Keys, Aprons.

B: Belts: All Types: Vee Ropes - Z, A, B, C, D; Wedge -,SPZ, SPA,SPB, SPC; Timing Belts XL,L,H,HTD/RPP, Beltings-Square Edge Rubber (Balata),Flat,Link,Pre-Punched, Belt Joining Fitting Service and Systems. Conveyor Belt, Pvc, Food/Dough, Belt Spray, Belt Conveyor Fasteners, Belt Lacing, Flexco/Minet, Hand/Power Nut Tighteners/Breakers. Bearings: 6000 series ,Pillow & Flange Blocks. Bolts and Nuts:High Tensile 8.8,Stainless Steel A2/A4, Allen Cap/Countersunk, Anchors, Throughbolts etcBolts/Set Screws:Metric,UNC,UNF,BSW.Washers: Steel Flat, Spring, Mudguard. Brushes - Hygiene Standard All Colours,G.P. in fibre and nylon,Sweeping, Bass Brooms, Deck Scrubs, Platform, Stage, Back Boiler, Bannister, Bulktank, Paint Brushes and Brush Handles, Wire Brushes, Boiler Repair Spares, Gauge Glasses & Rings,Boiler Tube Brushes, Sweep Heads.Brazing Rods & Flux, Brake Fluid, Bench Vices.Buckets:Plastic and Galv.Bosswhite.

C: Cleaning/Hygeine Materials - Bags Sterilized Cleaning Cloths,Coloured/Linen/Towelling, Non-woven Wipers, Wipe Paper Rolls:Toilet Jumbo Mini ,Centre Pull/Feed, Garage/Fourcourt, Workshop Wipers. Hygeine Brushes-Colour Coded HASUP Equipment,Blue Red Green Yellow, Mop Buckets &, Kentuky, Oil Absorbant Granules & Oil Spillage Control Kits.Stands/Dispensers. Cleaners/Detergents:Tot/Calgonite, Hand Cleansers:Swarfega, Dreumex,Fast Orange,Bardahl. Degreasers: Marinol, Citraclean, Jizer, Gunk, Galtec. Disenfectants:Pine/Lemon. Heavy Duty Cleaner, Refuse Sacks, Oil Dry/Oil Dri Absorbant Granules,OIl Spillage Control. Barrier & Reconditioning Cream, Coloured Hazard/Safety Floor Tape, Brass Compession Fittings, Copper Tube. Cup Leathers, French Chalk, School Chalk, Creosote, Crow Bars, Cold Chisels, Castrol Oils/Grease, Cutting Compound, Chain and Drive Spray, Circlip Pliers, Copper Antiseize Paste, Copper Tube. Cutting Tools,Carbide Tungsten Inserts/Holders,Milling/End Cutters.

D: Drill Bits: Metal/Masonry,Metric, Imperial, HSS/Ground/Cobalt/Stainless Steel, RuKo, Dormer . Denso Tape, Dust Masks/Respirators, Cordless/Electric Drills. Double Sided tape, Doodle Bug Pads. Drain Rods, Plungers, Scrapers.

E: Ear Protection: Muffs/Defenders,Plugs. Eye Protection: Goggles,Spectacles,Visors/Shields,Welding Helmets. Endless Belts,Elevator Buckets & Bolts, Eye Bolts, End Mills, Epoxy Steel/Repair Putty.

F: Fasteners: Conveyor Fasteners, Belt Lacing, Hand Nut Tighteners, Bolt Breakers, Jackson Fasteners,High Tensile 8.8,Stainless Steel A2/A4, Allen Cap/Countersunk, AnchorsThroughbolts etc. Bolts/Set Screws:Metric,UNC,UNF,BSW.Washers: Steel Flat, Spring, Mudguard. Rivets:Pop/Solid, Rivet Tools. Files:Flat,Hand,Half Round,Warding/Needle etc, Funnels, Flax Gaskin, Flaw Detection/Finding Kits. Fittings: Black, Galvanised,Heavy, Steam, Wrought, Welding and Screwed, Face Shields, Floor Mops & Brushes, Fibreglass Kits, Fire Cement. Foliac, Flexco, Fenner.

G: Gauge Glasses, Rings and Conical Cones, Pressure Gauges; Grease Lubrication equipment-Grease Guns, Grease Nipples, Flex Hoses,Nozzles, Pom Pom Guns, Couplers,Oil Guns & Cans etc. Coarse and Fine Grinding Paste, Graphite Flake, Graphite/Manganese Pipe Jointing Paste, Stag, Bosswhite, Gripfill. Meassuring Gauges. Greases: General Purpose, Bearing, Food Machine USDA/FDA, Special Purpose, Semi Fluid/Heavy Hard, Extreme Pressure, Low & High Temperature,Wire Rope, Water Pump. Rocol, Bardahl, Castrol. Gasketing:Gasket Maker, Gasket Paper, Gasket Jointing Sheets- Vulcanite/Hallite, Cork Jointing, Rubber Insertion Graphited Steam, Graftec. Gasket Fabrication Service, Gloves, Gauntlets, Goggles.

H: Hoses For: Radiator, Blue Silicone , Fuel, , Non Toxic Milk, Water Delivery, Tricoflex, Suction, Welding, Gas, Exhaust ,Steam, Duct . Air Hose- rubber, braided, plastic, clear, P.V.C. and Nylon. Hose Elbows,Flexible Radiator Hose,Hose Clamps.Hose fittings & Adaptors. Hose Clips in stainless steel and mild steel, Jubilee, Norma/Robust Hose Clamps, Holesaws. Heavy Duty Cleaner, Hand Cleaner, Hammers and Handles, Hatchets, Hand Taps & Dies, Hand Lanterns/Lamps. Hard Hats, Welding Helmets, Hasps Hacksaw Blades and Frames, Hammerite Paint

I: Insulating Tape, Inseal Rubber Foam, Insulated Terminals

J: Jointings Gasket Materials-Non Asbestos, Cork, Rubber. Jointing Pastes/Compounds,Jacks-Bottle & Trolley, Jizer Degreaser, Janitol Detergent, Jugs, Jigsaws & Blades

K: Key Steel, Pocket Knives, Stanley Knives, Trimming Knives, Knife Blades, Knitting Machine Spray,Keyed Alike Padlocks.

L: Lubricators- Grease/Oil, SKF 24, Lubricants-Speciality Greases/Oils, Rocol, Labourers Shovels, Linseed Oil, Lump Hammers, Levels, Builders Line, Ladders, Long Drill Bits, Long Handle Tools.

M: Masks/ Respirators-Dust/Fume/Chemical, Moisture Guard Spray, Mould Cleaner, Moly Grease, Mutton Cloth, Millboard, Manganese Jointing Paste,Magnets,Machine Screws, Maglite, Mainstesters. Makita, Multimeters, Magnetic Pick Up Tools/ Levels. Metal Marking & Scribing Products.

N: Nuts-Nyloc Insert, Zinc, Black,etc. Navvy Shovels, Nylon Scrubs, Nylon Tubing and Brass Fittings for same.

O: Oils: Gearbox, Airline, Engine,Refigerator,Penetrating, Cutting, Easing Oil,Two Stroke,Everyman Oil,3-in-one-Oil, Plus Gas Lube,,Cutting Oil, Open Gear Oil. Oils: Bardahl, Rocol, Shell, Castrol, HT Oven Paste, Oil Measures, Oil Cans/Jugs/Measures, Oil Stones,Oil Jointings & Gaskets. Oil Dry Granules, Oil Burner AGA Wicking,Over Centre Catches, Oil Spillage Conrol Kits.

P: Packing - Non Asbestos Millboard, Non Asbestos Mudd Door Boiler Rings,TOPOG, Glass & Ceramic Cord & Rope, Glass Webbing and Ladder Tape , Weldblock & Glass Cloth, Black Vulcanite/Hallite Non Asbestos Jointing, Rubber Insertion, White Food Rubber. Packing-Graphite Square, PTFE, Tallow Hemp, Cork Jointing, Oil Paper Jointing, P.T.F.E. Tape, Penetrating Sprays, Plastic Padding, Padlocks, Pliers-All Types, Pin Punches, PVC Gloves, Pick Heads and Handles. Power Tools-Makita.
Q: Quick Dry Superglue,Quick Easy Engine Start Spray.

R: Raw! Bolts, Rocket WD40, Rust Inhibitor, RTD Metcut Spray, Rawl Plugs, Roofing Bolts and Nuts, Radiator Seal, Rasps, Rust Sheild Spray, Rust Remover.

S: Solder-Tinsmans, Cored, Solder Fluid, Solder Paste, S/S Solder Fluid, Solder Guns. Safety Equipment-Ear Protection: Muffs/Defenders,Plugs. Eye Protection: Goggles,Spectacles, Visors/Shields, Clothing-Vests,Trousers, Jackets, Footwear-Boots/Shoes/Trainers,Hand Gloves, Sack Trucks/Trolleys and Wheels, Syphons,Sewer Rods and attachments, Shim brass and metal, Steam Silencers, Scribers. Steam Traps TD3/2, Sight Glasses, Strainers Y, Perras Sprayers, Silicone Grease,. Shafting Mild Steel, Swarfega, Stainless Steel Fasteners- Sets, Nuts, Washers. Stainless Pipe Fittings- Elbows, Nipples, Tees, Valves, Plastic Steel Repair Epoxy Putty/Paste, Belzona Devcon, Steel Power Wrap Tape, Shifting Spanners, Stillsons, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Scissors, Saddle Punches, Belt Punches, Stag PJC, Silicone Spray, Sledges, Silicone Grease, Sweeping Brush Heads, Semi-Rotary Pumps.

T: Hand Tools,Speciality Tools ,Power Tools, Threaded Bar, Torches, Batteries, Taylor Rings, Tubing (piping)-Heavy/Mild/Copper. Adhesive Tapes-Masking , Double Sided, Duct,Plate Closure/Thermosetting etc. Tool Boxes/cabinets/chests, Tap Wrenches, Trowels, Tractor Funnels, Tot, Measure Tapes, Tyre Gauges.

U: U-Bolts, U-Syphons,Steam Unions, Brass Unions,

V: Steam Valves with renewable Discs and S/S Seating, Gate Valves, Safety Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves,Foot Valves, Galv. flap and spring loaded, Valve Discs, Vice Grips-Peterson 10R, Long Nose,Welding Clamps etc. Vice - Bench.

W: Water Finding Paste, Wire Ties & Twisters, Wire Rope Grips, Wade Fittings, Welding Fittings & Flanges, Windscreen Cleaner, Watering Cans, Washers, Warning Triangles, Waxoyl, Waxoyl Sprayers, Wrecking Bars, Wheel Pullers, White PVC Aprons, Welding Rods, Welding Goggles, Welding Glasses, Welding Gloves, Wonderweld, Water Hose and Spray Nozzles, Wood Glue, Wire Rope Grease, White Spirit, Wellington Boots

Y: Yarn Packing-Glass, Yard Scraper, Yard Broom, Y Strainers.

Z: Zeus Charts, Zer- Tweezers, Zoom-Laser measures

Note: We do too many products to mention them all here.This list is only a representation of what we do as a company and changes regularly. So If a related product is not here please contact us on 021-4501724 or email

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